Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Going Local

One very positive aspect of having no car is that one is forced to do most things locally. It means that local businesses are supported and helps the economy of your neighbourhood. (Not to mention the fact that relationships are developed and your local network increases!)

It is now over for the season, but I LOVED shopping at the farmer's market on the weekends in my town. It was held on Saturday mornings about 4 blocks away. The street was blocked off from traffic and local farmers and businesses set up booths for the morning. It ended when the church bells rang at noon. How cool is my town?!?! Can't wait till April!

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Laurel-Anne said...

I love our farmers' market, too! But there are very few farmers and the growing season is so short... You have to get there early to find any produce. I think the last one of the year is this weekend, but spring is definitely better.