Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving! all Canadians out there.)

The big family dinner has all been cleaned up, the dishwasher is running and the kiddies are tucked in bed. So, now I can steal a few moments to blog. (I had to beat my husband off the computer to snag this time! Sheesh! ;)

I did something this weekend I have never done before.

I hauled a 15lb turkey home on my bike. :D

It even fit in my saddlebag. Mind you, it was frosted over on the outside by the time I arrived home. And no, it didn't make me list to one side...cuz I filled the other saddle bag with the rest of my groceries. :)

The other thing I am finding useful is the recycling bins at my supermarket. I make good use of them as I shed un-needed packaging from my groceries in order to fit them all into my saddlebags! (eg, all cardboard-type boxes have got to go) And it is lots of fun to watch people watch me. They can't quite figure me out. lol

Oh, and I got my picture in the downtown paper! I was asked if the Canadian dollar being on par (or greater) than the American dollar would cause me to go to the States to do more shopping. My answer was, "No, because I don't have a car".
I guess being different got me a couple moments of local fame. :P ha ha.

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