Friday, October 19, 2007

A Rainy Day...and I loved it!

This morning it was raining and cold. It was supposed to snow at 1400 feet. I was not looking forward to going outside in order to walk to work. But it is such a mentality thing! I had enough clothes on to stay warm and I had my umbrella. By the time I got to work I was SO enjoying my walk and I could feel the roses in my cheeks. (In Japan, they say "apples in your cheeks") :) I am glad the rain stopped later though, cuz I had dry-cleaning to carry home after work!
But, back to my morning walk to work...It made me realize that before we went to Japan, there were times when I wouldn't be outside for days on end...except to walk to my car! How sad. I would look out the window and think it looked dreary or too cold, so I would avoid going out. Well, now I don't have a choice, and I am benefiting SO much! Colin and I were just talking about how little we have needed the car since we arrived in town a couple of months ago. We rented once in order to go out of town...and that was a luxury, not a necessity.
It was my birthday this past week and we had an offer from a friend to watch the kids so Colin and I could go out. We walked to Fogg 'N Suds and met some friends there. (They have a sweet birthday deal! :) ) Not having a car had no negative impression on my special day. In fact, the walk gave me some alone time with my hubby and a chance to chat! :)
Tomorrow night, we are attending a business awards dinner put on by the Chamber of Commerce here. It is a formal event. (My boss is one of the 3 top nominees for young entrepreneur of the year award! Way to go, Natalie!). We are car-pooling there because a friend offered a ride and depending on her "state" by the end of the night, we will share a taxi home. I think the event is about a 5 minute drive from our house. This is the first event that we can't really bike to due to attire. A taxi ride is still cheaper than a tank of gas by far. Well...depending on how far you go of course! ;)
I am a little nervous about the colder weather setting in. By that, I mean, below zero. So far, our clothing has been fine and we have enjoyed a long fall...compared to our experience in Calgary. The ears have been the most sensitive, but we have been finding bike-helmet friendly coverings. I guess the next thing to come are face masks.
Colin just finished putting lights on our bikes. Its getting darker earlier...

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