Friday, October 12, 2007

The Transit System

So, we are discovering slowly how to make the transit system work for us.
Right now we are living in a fairly central location, so we don't use the bus enough times in a month to warrant buying a monthly bus pass. We have bought a block of Adult and a block of Children's tickets so we have them on hand when needed...which is usually on the weekend when we want to go shopping but don't want to bike up the side of a mountain with 2 kids under 10.

However! We have also discovered that taking a taxi can sometimes be cheaper than the bus! I tell you no lies!

1 Adult ticket = $2.00
1 child's ticket =$1.50

So, to go to the mall, one way, it costs us $7.00 for the 4 of us.
A return trip, obviously, $14.
But we wanted to go to Wal Mart after the mall. It was raining, so we wanted to take the bus. The ride was down the hill about 2 minutes. $7.00. (Here is where the taxi would've been cheaper.)
Now, you may think that is outrageous...BUT! We don't have a $200-$800 car-payment per month, nor do we pay car insurance or gas or maintainance!!! I can handle $21 for transportation one weekend out of the month. ;)

On another note, we are thinking about getting a trail-a-bike for our daughter. It might make riding more enjoyable for her...and us. Plus the Canadian dollar makes buying from e bay very interesting.


rachel z said...

You went to Wal-Mart? I remember a time my brother told me not to shop there!

K-Mad said...

yes, Another interesting position to be in. Most of that stuff is made in sweatshops in China...thus it is very cheap.
We don't have much money right now, and need lots of school clothes quickly...unfortunate reality.

Meredith said...

Hi I came here, because I read Rachels blog and I was curious. I don't know where you live but my uncle is very car-free for many years now, I think it's great and way more people should do it. I am part of a 1 car family and we still walk lots of places.

K-Mad said...

very cool, Meredith!
Nice to meet you! :)